Wenzhou Kaiyue Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. was established in January 2018. It is an export-oriented enterprise integrating design, development, production, and international import and export. The companys core business specializes in manufacturing and selling various types of womens shoes and boots for foreign trade. The company has its own processing plants in Wenzhou, China, Wenzhou Lihong Shoes Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Hongwei Shoes Technology Co., Ltd. and many other outsourcing shoe processing companies. The company is well-equipped, strong in technology, standardized management, and has first-class shoemaking in the industry. Processing Equipment. Can contract all kinds of shoes and boots to process OEM or ODM on behalf of OEM. The company owns its own brands EIE and EIE itshoes, and the products are mainly sold to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asia, Central Europe and other countries and regions. And cooperate with many foreign national brands and companies, mainly T.Taccardi, Tofa, BERTEN, respect, Jerado, bona mente, etc. Our slogan: high quality for survival, good reputation for development. For our common development, please contact us in time and let us create bri


Alternative migrant workers in Wenzhou can be late and leave

There are many shoe factories in Wenzhou, with tens of thousands. Those who have worked in the Wenzhou shoe factory may know that there is a group of people in the sewing workshop, who are particularly unusual. They have a prescribed commuting time, b...

Wenzhou shoe factory makes bags, a profession that people lo

Wenzhou shoe factory makes a job that people love and hate. The income is considerable, and most people can’t stick to it....

Wenzhou shoe factory peak season is approaching, wages of 15

After the sluggish May, June, and July, Wenzhou shoe factory officially entered the busiest peak season of the year. Almost every year, the peak season begins in August. The peak season is also where the hope of shoe factory workers lies....

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